Mundelein, Illinois home inspection explains why home inspections are needed for every property purchase.

It’s only a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house and my brother used to be a carpenter.  Ill have my brother look at it.  Okay!  If that is what makes you happy… now!  The problem is there is so much more to a home inspection that just the carpentry work on a home.  No doubt that the carpentry is a vital portions but so are the other systems of the home.  This was an actual conversation between perspective clients who wanted just a radon measurement for a soon to be home inspection in Mundelein, Illinois.

After about 10 minutes of reasoning with my new client I explained what a home inspector does versus a carpenter or any other trades man.  A home inspector has to be educated in all the components of a home or building to perform a quality home inspection. The education portion for a home inspector never stops because you will always see something new.  I got my new client from my home inspection in Mundelein to got to our website so I could show him the videos we shot during a home inspection so he could see exactly what we do.  You can see these videos at ~  By seeing these videos he understood the different areas we would inspect to give him the most knowledge of the home he was about to purchase.

My client from the Mundelein home inspection was concerned if we found issues how would he know what they cost.  I also directed him to a cost to cure sheet on our website that would help him understand what the potential repair costs would be.  You can see these repair costs at ~   My new client saw the value of a professional home inspection and was happy when the issues we found would have cost him a pretty penny in the future if they were not found  before his home closing.

If you are moving to Mundelein, Illinois and have questions about issues in the village got to .

If you have questions on the home inspection process go to Thanks for stopping by.  Jim Kolke

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